A look ahead – and back!

The year is already on the road and spring just begins – and more exciting courses are waiting for you in 2015!

Automated Visual Software Analytics has just begun, two Java Courses run in April/May and from summer on we will offer once more our successful classes Web Technologies, In-Memory Data Management and Semantic Web. Interested? – Browse the course catalogue!

Beside creating new courses we constantly work on the development of the openHPI platform, to facilitate the best possible learning experience. Our learners are important experts in this process since they know best about what works best and what needs to be improved. – Here you can participate in our latest user experience survey, in which we also want to learn about what you think about certain optional features.

This is also a good moment to look back and present some course statistics for 2014 (and early 2015): For the seven offered courses we counted (and still count) 50,496 enrollments in total. Among those, 9,577 learners showed up continuously and could successfully finish the class with a Record of Achievement – Congratulations! Especially our German-taught courses had a success ratio of about 30%. This finding is unusual for MOOCs as many enrolled users typically just check out some of the learning resources. That’s fine and you can even still enroll in all past openHPI courses and study at your own pace. But, of course, we are happy to see that so many participants were actively engaged and made it to the end successfully.

Course Title Language Enrollments at course end (total) Record of Achievement* Record of Achievement %
Sichere E-Mail (09-02 – 06-03-2015) German 5,733 (5,846) 1,462 25.50%
Sicherheit im Internet (27-10 – 22-12-2014) German 10,582 (11,284) 3,631 34.31%
Spielend Programmieren Lernen (22-09 – 20-10-2014) German 7,382 (9,195) 2,516 34.08%
In-Memory Data Management (01-09 – 03-11-2014) English 8,966 (9,819) 1,030 11.49%
Semantic Web Technologies (26-05 – 27-07-2014) English 4,603 (5,851) 448 9.73%
Internetworking with TCP/IP (31-03 – 23-05-2014) English 4,975 (6,531) 834 16.76%
Parallel Programming Concepts (02-02 – 28-03-2014) English 6,462 (7,816) 1,118 17.30%

* On openHPI participants get a Record of Achievement) if they achieve in total at least 50% of the maximum points by submitting weekly homework and participating in the exam.

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